Cambridge Rooftop Grease Containment

While different roofing systems have varying vulnerabilities in grease containment, the one thing that all roofs have in common is that they can become overwhelmed by grease accumulation. This is especially true for roofing systems with a commercial kitchen underneath. To protect the integrity of your roof, it is essential to have a reliable grease containment system in place.

Cambridge Hood Cleaning’s rooftop grease containment systems are designed with your needs in mind. Our products are engineered specifically for rooftops and go beyond just stopping grease accumulation; they also help you maintain the health of your roof by preventing further damage. Our grease containment systems are designed to withstand the highest levels of heat and humidity and extreme weather conditions.


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Rooftop Grease
Containment System

Grease contamination is enough to void your roof’s warranty and put your entire system at risk of damage. Our innovative rooftop grease containment systems can free your roof from any build-up, preserving it and its valuable components. These include air conditioners, HVAC units, and lighting devices, which are vital for proper functioning.

Our rooftop grease containment systems in a restaurant setup also help maintain a sanitary environment by keeping the roof clear of contaminants. The rooftop systems are designed to collect and contain grease residue before it reaches the roofing material, thus preventing its accumulation from affecting your roof’s performance.

Our products come with an integrated grease trap, allowing you to capture hot cooking oils before they reach the rooftop grease containment system. This helps keep your roof and surrounding area clean, safe, and healthy. Cambridge Hood Cleaning’s rooftop grease containment systems also come with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel concentrate tank and an easy–to–use access panel for hassle-free cleaning.


Cambridge Grease
Containment Systems

The last thing you intend to see in your restaurant or building is roof grease contamination. As much as this is preventable with a thorough rooftop grease containment system, you must also consider the environmental costs of not having such a system.

What you need is a system that doesn’t compromise on quality, strength, or adaptability, and that’s exactly what Cambridge Hood Cleaning offers. We only offer rooftop grease containment systems that eliminate the risk of any damage and hazardous conditions that arise from an accumulation of grease.

We offer solutions for various roofs and configurations, including pitched, flat, and low-slope designs. All our services come with a 10-year limited warranty. Get in touch with us right away to discuss your specific needs and concerns. We have the most qualified technicians to handle your rooftop grease containment system needs.


Grease Containment Device Filter Cleaning

A restaurant operator must ensure that the grease containment device is cleaned regularly. Grease buildup may clog the filter, causing it to become inefficient and ineffective. Cambridge Hood Cleaning provides filter cleaning services to keep your system running without issues.

Grease containment device filter cleaning is performed in four steps:

1. Remove the filter from the unit and inspect it for signs of blockages or faults

2. Clean the filter with a degreaser solution

3. Rinse out the filter in hot water to remove any remaining grease

4. Re-install the filter back into the containment device and test to ensure proper functioning

It may appear to be a straightforward task, but grease containment device filter cleaning requires the expertise of a professional. DIY cleaning could go wrong in several ways and lead to potential risks. So, it’s always better to outsource the task to ensure safety and efficiency.

At Cambridge Hood Cleaning, we guarantee that your grease containment device filter cleaning service is performed in compliance with NFPA 96 Standards.


Grease Laden Vapours
in Cambridge

Grease-laden vapours can be dangerous in a commercial kitchen for several reasons. First and foremost, they can be a fire hazard. If the vapours come into contact with an ignition source, such as a stove burner or a pilot light, they can ignite and cause a fire. This can be especially dangerous in a kitchen, where many flammable materials and limited exits often exist.

In addition to the risk of fire, grease-laden vapours can also harm the health of those working in the kitchen.

When inhaled, these vapours can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. They can also contribute to developing asthma and other respiratory conditions over time.

To mitigate the risks associated with grease-laden vapours, it is important for commercial kitchens to implement proper ventilation systems and to follow proper cooking and cleaning procedures. This may include using exhaust hoods above cooking equipment, proper ventilation fans, and keeping the kitchen clean and free of excess grease and oil.

It is a necessity for kitchen staff to utilize personal protective equipment, such as respirators and face masks when operating in locations where exposure to grease-filled vapours may be high.


Grease Laden Flammable Vapours

When grease-laden vapours take over the kitchen, the fire risk becomes higher. Grease and oil can ignite easily when they come into contact with an open flame or other ignition sources.

When cooking, operators should use fan hoods to help disperse the grease-laden vapours and exhaust them out of the kitchen safely. It is also important to keep surfaces clear of grease and oil to reduce the fire risk.

If there is a lot of build-ups, consider using degreasers or detergents to help get rid of any excess grease and oil. Finally, make sure that all combustible materials are stored away from sources of heat or flames.


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Airborne Particles

Commercial Cooking Equipment in Cambridge

Maintaining clean cooking equipment is more than just aesthetics. Keeping your commercial kitchen equipment in top condition is important as it helps to reduce the risk of grease-laden vapours and potential fire risks.

We at Cambridge Hood Cleaning are committed to providing you with the best commercial kitchen equipment cleaning services possible. Our team of elite cleaners is well-prepared to tackle any cleaning job, whether large or minuscule.

Professional-level cleaning is different from a manual cleaning job performed by your in-house staff. For instance, we use modern equipment and specialized cleaning products to remove built-up grease and grime in hard-to-reach areas effectively. Furthermore, our meticulous procedure ensures that all potential fire risks are extinguished.



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Exhaust Fans

Passive Fire Protection System in Cambridge

There are several advantages to installing a passive fire protection system:

Life safety: A passive fire protection system can help to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases, which can help to reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of a fire.

Property protection: Passive fire protection systems can help to protect the structure and contents of a building, reducing the damage caused by fire.

Insurance benefits: Installing a passive fire protection system may help to lower insurance premiums and may be required by some insurance companies.

Legal compliance: Passive fire protection systems may be required by local building codes and regulations to ensure the safety of a building.

Efficient and effective: Passive fire protection systems are generally more efficient and effective than active fire protection systems, as they do not require any maintenance or monitoring and are always ready to protect a building in case of a fire.

Cost-effective: Passive fire protection systems are generally less expensive to install and maintain than active ones.


Rooftop Grease Containment Systems

Restaurants should consider installing a rooftop grease containment system as an essential safety measure. Grease from cooking can build up on any restaurant’s roof, and if left to accumulate, it could become an extreme fire hazard. Investing in the right containment system will safeguard your business against potential issues down the line.

A rooftop grease containment system is an invaluable tool for ensuring the cleanliness of your roof and preventing greasy build-up. It works by trapping, then safely removing unwanted grease before it can create any hazardous issues.

Not only can a rooftop grease containment system enhance fire safety, but it can also improve the lifespan of your roof. Grease on the roof typically causes damage and unpleasant odours; this system prevents both occurrences, allowing you to reap all its benefits!

It is imperative that restaurant owners check with their local government to see if rooftop grease containment systems are required by building codes and regulations. These systems must be installed correctly and require regular maintenance for businesses to stay compliant.


Kitchen Exhaust System

A damaged kitchen exhaust system is every restaurant owner’s nightmarish scenario. A kitchen exhaust system is responsible for venting out smoke and grease-filled air from the commercial kitchen, preventing it from accumulating inside the restaurant.

A dysfunctional exhaust system is a fire hazard and can also cause your business to fail health inspections. To ensure this never happens, consider investing in an effective kitchen exhaust system.

And when you have one in place, never underestimate the value of having it cleaned and maintained by an expert like Cambridge Hood Cleaning. We’ll give you a no-obligation and detailed quote if you call us now.


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Fire Danger

Grease Containment System

Securely containing grease is essential for protecting any building, including restaurants, against fire and other risks. Cambridge Hood Cleaning offers a comprehensive range of high-quality containment systems that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

If you operate a commercial kitchen in Cambridge, ON, you should know that local building codes require the installation of a grease containment system. The right system will keep your building safe while helping you avoid costly fines and legal issues.

Cambridge Hood Cleaning has years of experience creating custom solutions for every customer’s needs. Whether installing rooftop grease containment systems or providing kitchen exhaust cleaning, we guarantee the industry’s best service and results.


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Fire Suppression System

An effective fire suppression system is one of the most important aspects of a restaurant’s safety plan. Fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish fires before they spread, and when properly installed, inspected, and maintained, they can be incredibly effective in saving lives and property.


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Fire Suppression System

Restaurant Ventilation System

Don’t wait for your ventilation system to suffer a total breakdown before getting it serviced. Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring that your ventilation system runs properly, providing clean air to the restaurant while preventing fire hazards.


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Restaurant Ventilation System

Grease Gutter

The purpose of a grease gutter is to contain and direct potentially hazardous cooking oils away from the building. Installing a grease gutter protects your food service business against fire, water damage, and other risks while helping you maintain a clean kitchen space.


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Industrial Set Fan

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services Near Me

For restaurant grease trap cleaning requirements in Cambridge, Ontario, you can count on Cambridge Hood Cleaning for a transparent, customer-oriented experience. We value customer satisfaction above all else, so you can trust us to get the job done right. So, if you no longer can address grease trap cleaning on your own, call us today. We look forward to helping you create a healthier and safer work environment!


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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Hood Cleaning

What is rooftop grease containment?

Grease containment systems help keep grease from building up in your exhaust fan system and damaging your roof. There are many different sizes, from low to heavy. If you don't have a proper grease containment system, fines can be levied against the business owner.

What is a grease containment system?

Most of the time, a grease containment system is on the roof, near where the kitchen hood exhaust fan is. The grease containment system's job is to catch the vapours of grease and oil that come out of the kitchen exhaust system.

How important is grease containment?

How important is it to keep grease in place? If you run a commercial kitchen, grease damage on the roof is something that needs to be fixed. Fats, oils, and grease come out of the exhaust fan on your upblast hood and end up on your roof. This is a dangerous fire hazard and puts your business at risk. Also, since your business can be blamed for dirty storm water systems and grease runoff, you need to keep grease from running off the roof.

What is grease containment?

Grease catchers, grease boxes, grease traps, and grease gutters are all ways to keep grease from getting on the roof. All of these systems are made to keep grease off of roofs, and we guarantee that we have the lowest price on these items. You can order grease pillows with the traps or on their own. We also have a variety of other grease-controlling products, such as grease socks, wall-mounted units, grease duct access doors, and adapters. Even putting a hinge kit on your exhaust fan can make it less likely that the base will get damaged or the seals will break, which can cause grease to leak and cost you more money from roof grease damage.

How much does it cost to clean a hood system?

Cleaning commercial hoods is a pro's job, and the cost of this service typically depends on several factors such as the size of your hood system, its current status, as well as the services required. Contact us and we'll provide you with a fair estimate.

How often should a hood vent be cleaned?

Hood vents go through some rough days, so it's important to have them cleaned frequently. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that kitchen hoods and vents be cleaned at least once a year, but in most commercial scenarios, they should be cleaned more often.

Do range hood vents need to be cleaned?

Yes, range hood vents need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper functionality and performance. They also need to be inspected for any signs of damage or faults so they can be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

How do you clean commercial range hood grease?

Commercial range hoods need to be cleaned using specialized products and techniques. Cambridge Hood Cleaning uses specifically formulated cleaning agents, pressure washing, as well as specific tools and equipment to deep clean your commercial range hoods, removing all dirt and grease.