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Local fire inspection readiness is just one perk of commercial hood vent cleaning. In Cambridge, ON, you put your restaurant kitchen in the hands of professionals when you enlist the services of Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning. What we offer is, hands down, the most comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services available.

We specialize in the following:

  • Providing a clean and safe kitchen space

  • Improving your kitchen equipment’s efficiency

  • Keeping the exhaust system in the best possible shape

  • Installing passive fire protection

  • Removing grease and other debris buildups

  • Ensuring your ventilation system meets all fire safety requirements


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Cambridge Hood Cleaning

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Cleaning Hood Vent
Filters in Cambridge

A commercial kitchen hood with dirty filters usually corresponds to a dirty kitchen exhaust system, which can endanger any building. We take vent filter cleaning and replacement seriously because we recognize that these tasks are essential for safety and efficiency.

We use only the best cleaning products and professional-grade equipment to clean your hood vent filters. Not only does this keep you compliant with local fire codes, but it also improves the performance of your kitchen ventilation system.

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Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning has provided professional hood vent filter cleaning services to businesses in and around Cambridge, ON, for many years. So, trust us when we say that we’ve got you covered. We’re committed to delivering consistent results on time and keeping your kitchen equipment working optimally.

Some things in a commercial kitchen space are meant to be taken care of by professionals. One of them is the regular cleaning, maintenance, and replacement (if needed) of those filters. The filters act as the first defence against combustible material and grease. So, when they’re not in top shape, the risk of having hazardous smoke in the kitchen increases significantly.


1. Inspection – We inspect the filters and other parts of the hood exhaust system to devise a plan to clean them efficiently.

2. Cleaning – Our cleaning technicians use professional-grade equipment and products, such as a degreaser, water pressure washer, and a lint-free cloth to remove grease and debris buildup.

3. Maintenance – We replace damaged filters and other parts, if necessary, so you don’t experience any downtime in the future.

4. Testing – Our technicians conduct tests after cleaning to ensure that everything works perfectly and your filters are up to fire safety standards.

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Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning has a proven strategy for cleaning your kitchen exhaust system filters. These steps highlight what we do to guarantee your filters are as good as new.


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Hood Vent

A hood vent is complicated equipment that can’t be absent in a commercial kitchen. It’s necessary for removing smoke, fumes, heat and steam from the kitchen space. But these can accumulate over time in the ductwork of the hood vent system, which can cause a fire or spread of toxic smoke.

At Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning, we’ve helped many restaurants maintain their ventilation systems in excellent condition. We guarantee that your vents are clear of obstructions like grease, debris and other hazardous substances. We also use a secure labelling system that identifies all parts of the hood vent system for future maintenance and repair.

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Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Near Me

Vent hood cleaning is what we do best, and this full-service package comes with the following perks:

  • Regular inspections and filter cleaning to ensure your ventilation system meets all fire safety requirements

  • Professional cleaning products and equipment

  • Replacement of damaged filters and other parts, when necessary

  • Testing services to guarantee the optimal performance of your hood vent system

We don’t skimp on quality when it comes to vent hood cleaning services. That’s why we guarantee the best results for all our cleaning engagements. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced company to take care of your kitchen ventilation system, trust Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning!

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The kitchen in a restaurant, hotel, or any establishment that prepares and serves food is a workplace unlike any other. That’s why it should be taken extra care of. Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning offers high-quality cleaning and mainten services to anyone that needs it in the area of Cambridge, ON.


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Vent Hood Cleaning
Prices in Cambridge

Commercial hood cleaning costs vary from one location to another. Factors such as the type of hood vent system and the difficulty of cleaning can impact prices.

Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning offers competitive prices for all its services, so you won’t have to worry about draining your budget. Here’s a rundown of what we offer to Cambridge, Ontario restaurants:

Grease filter cleaning: starting from $50

– Vent hood deep cleaning: starting from $650

– Specialty filter cleaning and maintenance services: starting from $100.

For a more accurate quote, contact us right away! We’ll answer all your questions and give you an estimate for the job.

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Vent Hood Cleaning Services

Our cleaning service is coupled with a maintenance check-up to ensure the optimal performance of your hood vent system. We also revise, replace and label all the relevant parts of your ventilation system.

Don’t forget that Cambridge Hood Cleaning also offers a testing service after each cleaning job. We use fire safety standards as our guideline for determining if every component is working correctly. If not, our team will take the necessary measures to restore your system’s performance.

If you need a reliable and experienced company to clean your hood vent system in Cambridge, ON, go for Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning!

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Cambridge Hood Cleaning offers a one-time or a scheduled cleaning service. Our experienced cleaners use industrial-grade vacuums, pressure washers and degreasers to successfully remove grease, grime, and any filthy residue from the daily grind of cooking.


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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

Kitchen exhausts are the filthiest parts of a kitchen, and they need to be cleaned regularly. Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning offers thorough cleaning services for all types of exhausts. Whether it’s a range hood, a commercial kitchen exhaust fan or any other component of the system, our team will get the job done.

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Exhaust System

Exhaust systems can be quite complex. That’s why we use a labelling system to identify all the relevant parts and components for future cleaning, maintenance and repair. Additionally, we dispose of any potentially dangerous materials and substances that could put your customers or employees at risk.

Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning offers exhaust cleaning services starting at $650. For more accurate pricing, contact our team right away.


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Exhaust Cleaning

Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning is the best choice for high-quality hood vent cleaning services in Cambridge, ON. From regular maintenance checks to deep cleaning and testing services, we can take care of it all. We take full advantage of modern cleaning methods that work with the fastest turnaround, so you can trust that your business won’t suffer any significant interruptions.

To book our services or for an estimate, feel free to contact us anytime!


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Hood Cleaning

Commercial hood cleaning is the best investment you can make for your business. It’s a fast, cost-effective and convenient way to protect the health of your customers and employees by removing grease, grime, dust and any other debris that accumulates in hood vents.

And when we say commercial hood cleaning, we mean hiring a professional. Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning has the best team of cleaners and technicians in this part of Ontario. We cater to over a thousand businesses across the region and offer competitive prices for our services.

So, why take any chances? Contact us right away and we’ll send a team of professionals that will clean your hood vents in no time!


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Hood Cleaning

Hood Filters

Kitchen hood filters come in different material constructions. We’ll help you choose the best filter for your commercial kitchen, depending on the size of the hood vent and the cooking activities that take place.

Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning also offers cleaning services for all types of hood filters. We use industrial-grade vacuums to remove grease and other contaminants from each filter safely.


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Range Hood Filter

Don’t let your range hood succumb to grease and grime. Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning offers a full range of services to get your range hood filter looking like new again – from regular cleaning to changing the filter altogether.  Our professional-grade vacuums and washers are designed to get the job done swiftly, limiting any potential disruptions to your business operations.


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Range Hood Filter

Commercial Cooking Operations

Cambridge Hood Vent Cleaning provides top-notch cleaning services for commercial operations, ranging from ductwork to exhaust fans. With our reliable team of experts and guaranteed optimal results, you can be certain that your facility is receiving the best quality service available in this area.

Our staff will meticulously inspect every crevice of your kitchen’s hood vents and discover any underlying issues. Additionally, you’ll receive an thorough cleaning report that outlines all the regions where grease, dirt, and other pollutants were found as well as eliminated.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hood Cleaning

How often should a hood vent be cleaned?

Hood vents, no matter how new or modern they are, will eventually lose their efficiency when they are not regularly maintained. We recommend getting your hood vents cleaned at least twice a year or after 5,000 hours of operation to prevent any sort of grease buildup that can cause issues in the long run.

How much does it cost to clean a hood system?

Deep cleaning an entire hood system range from $650 - $1500 depending on the length and that time between cleanings. But we can give you a more accurate figure once we assess the size and condition of your system. Contact our team to get a free estimate!

How do you clean commercial range hood grease?

Getting rid of grease stuck in a commercial range hood is for an expert to handle. The job typically requires high-pressure vacuums and industrial cleaning agents to remove all the dirt, grime, and grease.

How often should hoods and ducts be cleaned by a professional?

Let a professional inspect, clean, and maintain your hoods and ducts at least once a year. Doing so will ensure that your operation is running in optimal condition and won't expose kitchen staff or customers to any health hazards.

How much does it cost to clean a hood system?

Cleaning commercial hoods is a pro's job, and the cost of this service typically depends on several factors such as the size of your hood system, its current status, as well as the services required. Contact us and we'll provide you with a fair estimate.

How often should a hood vent be cleaned?

Hood vents go through some rough days, so it's important to have them cleaned frequently. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that kitchen hoods and vents be cleaned at least once a year, but in most commercial scenarios, they should be cleaned more often.

Do range hood vents need to be cleaned?

Yes, range hood vents need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper functionality and performance. They also need to be inspected for any signs of damage or faults so they can be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

How do you clean commercial range hood grease?

Commercial range hoods need to be cleaned using specialized products and techniques. Cambridge Hood Cleaning uses specifically formulated cleaning agents, pressure washing, as well as specific tools and equipment to deep clean your commercial range hoods, removing all dirt and grease.