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Be it a commercial or industrial space; pressure washing proves valuable and effective for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Specializing in exterior pressure washing, Cambridge Pressure Washing Services offers superior services tailored to meet every client’s individual needs and requirements.

If you own a business or industrial property in Cambridge, Ontario, there will come a time when all the accumulated dirt, dust, and grime need to be removed. With Cambridge Pressure Washing Services, you’re getting the most out of your investment in cleanliness.


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Pressure Washing Near Me

From removing chewing gum stuck on sidewalks to cleaning a warehouse full of grease, no job is too big or small for the Cambridge Pressure Washing Services professionals. Our technicians are trained to provide comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective quality pressure washing services.

Tell us where you need our pressure washing services near me, and we’ll do the job for you. We specialize in cleaning areas such as decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, warehouses, and much more.


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Industrial Pressure Washing in Cambridge, ON

The challenge of maintaining an industrial facility is considerable. The chemicals, dust, and oil used in such places make cleaning more difficult and riskier. But you don’t have to perform it yourself.

At Cambridge Pressure Washing Services, we understand this challenge better than anyone else. With us, you can be sure of getting rid of all kinds of contaminants like oils, grease, and grime easily and safely.


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Commercial Pressure Washing in Cambridge

Commercial pressure washing is as versatile as it gets. It can be tailored to the requirements of a Cambridge, ON, business establishment. For example, we can focus on graffiti removal and sidewalk cleaning in commercial establishments.

We also have the capability to remove gum from sidewalks, clean parking lots and driveways, as well as pressure-wash building exteriors. Whatever your needs may be, Cambridge Pressure Washing Services is here to help you out.


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Commercial Pressure Washing in Cambridge
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Pressure Washing Cambridge, ON

Pressure washing is an effective and economical way of cleaning any property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. With the help of our crew at Cambridge Pressure Washing Services, you can bid farewell to dirt and grime in no time.

We commit to the industry’s highest cleaning standards while maintaining an environment-friendly approach. So, if you need pressure washing services near Cambridge, ON, feel free to contact us.


Standard Pressure
Washing Services

Standard pressure washing services typically include cleaning driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios and other outdoor areas to remove dirt, dust and grime. At Cambridge Pressure Washing Services, we’re dedicated to providing remarkable services customized to each customer’s specifications. Our team takes pride in delivering the best quality and highest outcomes achievable.


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Pressure Washing Sidewalks in Cambridge

Sidewalks have the highest foot traffic and are the first thing people see when approaching any commercial or industrial property. Keeping them clean is essential to maintain a positive first impression and ensure a safe, healthy environment.

We handle sidewalks through variable pressure and heat to remove chewing gum, food, grease, and other unwanted dirt. Our Cambridge Pressure Washing Services team also takes special care not to damage the pavement.



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Pressure Washing Drive-Thru's in Cambridge, ON

Drive-thrus are as challenging to clean as they are to maintain. Our Cambridge Pressure Washing Services team knows the importance of having a clean and inviting drive-thru. Our effective pressure washing services are second to none, allowing us to ensure your drive-thru looks its absolute best!

Dealing with drive-thru grease requires special detergents and strong pressure washing. But don’t worry, we have everything covered. Our crew is trained to use the best cleaning agents and techniques for quick, effective results.


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Pressure Washing Drive-Thru's in Cambridge, ON

Patio Pressure Washing in Cambridge

Cleaning a patio using a pressure washer requires attention to detail and finesse. It’s not like other areas of a commercial space or industrial property because it requires a more delicate approach. What we do here is use a combination of low-pressure and high-pressure machines to get the job done.


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Power Washing Cambridge Restaurant Hoods

Arguably the most complicated cleaning job is the one that involves a commercial kitchen exhaust system. There’s more to it than merely using a pressure washer.

We offer effective hood cleaning services in Cambridge, ON, to ensure your kitchen’s commercial hoods are completely free of grease and dust accumulation. We do it through detergents, high pressure, and heat.

With our services in tow, you end up with a 100% clean commercial kitchen hood that’s also up to code and safe to use.


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Power Wash Services

Professional Pressure Washing Services

Let’s forge a partnership today and ensure your property is cleaner than ever. Regardless of your need, our Cambridge Pressure Washing Services team will help! Contact us to discuss your project’s scope and take advantage of all we have to offer! We look forward to delivering high-quality results beyond your expectations.


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Professional Pressure Washing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Hood Cleaning

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Power washing and pressure washing are both methods of cleaning the exterior of buildings, surfaces, and objects using a high-pressure stream of water. The main difference between the two is the temperature of the water being used. Power washing uses hot water, typically between 140-180 degrees Fahrenheit, while pressure washing uses cold water. Power washing is typically used for more heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as removing tough stains or paint from surfaces, while pressure washing is more commonly used for general cleaning tasks, such as removing dirt and grime from sidewalks and driveways. Both methods are effective at cleaning and can be used for a variety of applications, but the choice of which one to use will depend on the specific cleaning task at hand.

Does pressure washing remove grease buildup?

Yes, pressure washing can be effective at removing grease buildup from surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, and garage floors. The high pressure of the water stream helps to loosen and remove the grease, and the addition of a cleaning solution can help to break down the grease and make it easier to remove. It's important to use a cleaning solution that is specifically formulated to remove grease, as regular detergents may not be effective at breaking down the grease. It may also be necessary to apply the cleaning solution to the grease stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes before pressure washing to give the solution time to work. It may be necessary to repeat the process a few times to completely remove the grease, depending on the severity of the buildup.

How effective is pressure washing a kitchen exhaust hood in a restaurant?

Pressure washing can be an effective method of cleaning a kitchen exhaust hood in a restaurant. The high-pressure water stream can help to remove built-up grease and grime from the surface of the hood, as well as from the filters and other components of the exhaust system. It's important to use a cleaning solution that is specifically formulated for removing grease when pressure washing a kitchen exhaust hood, as regular detergents may not be effective at breaking down the grease. It may also be necessary to apply the cleaning solution to the surface and allow it to sit for a few minutes before pressure washing to give the solution time to work. In addition to pressure washing, it's also important to regularly clean and maintain the exhaust system to ensure it is functioning properly and to prevent the buildup of grease and other contaminants that can be a fire hazard.


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How much does it cost to clean a hood system?

Cleaning commercial hoods is a pro's job, and the cost of this service typically depends on several factors such as the size of your hood system, its current status, as well as the services required. Contact us and we'll provide you with a fair estimate.

How often should a hood vent be cleaned?

Hood vents go through some rough days, so it's important to have them cleaned frequently. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that kitchen hoods and vents be cleaned at least once a year, but in most commercial scenarios, they should be cleaned more often.

Do range hood vents need to be cleaned?

Yes, range hood vents need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper functionality and performance. They also need to be inspected for any signs of damage or faults so they can be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

How do you clean commercial range hood grease?

Commercial range hoods need to be cleaned using specialized products and techniques. Cambridge Hood Cleaning uses specifically formulated cleaning agents, pressure washing, as well as specific tools and equipment to deep clean your commercial range hoods, removing all dirt and grease.